Monday, July 19, 2010

My sick baby

We just got over a nasty fever. Spiking at 103 over several days. Thankfully no other symptoms accompanied the fever.
After 4 days of Buzz, Woody, Winnie the Pooh, Elmo and Simba many times over, the fever broke.
I did pop off a few shots of K sleeping peacefully in her fever induced state. We rarely see this since she usually thinks sleep is for sissies, especially in daddy's arms in the living room!


  1. Poor thing!!!!!! This just kills me. I hope she's feeling better. It sounds kinda like roseola...Piper had some high fever for a few days, w/ no other symptoms (except for cranky, very sleepy) and then it broke & the next day got a rash. Apparently every kid gets it at some point, but not all get the rash, either. Whatever. Either way, I hope K is doing better today.

  2. Aww. she looks tired. hopefully she feels better!! thanks for stopping by

    now following you!