Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Sock hands"

K has an obsession with socks. (and shoes, but that may be another post). For several weeks now, she has to hold a pair of socks when she goes to bed. We go through her bedtime routine, read her book, sing a song, turn uot the lights, tuck in, and then as I get to the door I will hear "shock. shock!" She won't settle until I give her a pair that she cuddles like a lovey.
During the day we also use socks to play with. She loves to put them over her hands and smack them together, like a little hand puppet. I will joke with her and say "are those your hand socks?"
So one morning a few weeks back, she woke up. we got dressed for a playdate in what is currently one of my favourite outfits for her. She insisted on putting her sun hat on in the house, AND placing her socks over her hands while she played. It was a good lesson for her in why opposable thumbs are such a great invention. We discussed the difference between humans and other animals who don't have opposable thumbs. She seemed impressed with evolution. I present to you, Sock Hands (also, a glimpse into my not so glamorous and messy living room):

Friday, May 21, 2010

A bunny in the park

This one is pink and squeals like a pig when she is delighted.
K had a massive fear of hats for a long time. Case in point: this is when I tried to put a birthday hat on her:

But she seems to have embraced it and now runs straight to the laundry room yelling "hat? hat? hat?". Won't stop until we either put her sunhat on, or one her dad's ball caps.

And then she fished these bunny ears out of her play box and insisted on wearing it to the park. Clearly, in a few years time we will be the family walking around Walmart in a tutu, princess hat and rainboots.

And this one makes my heart go thump. She is growing up to be such a Daddy's girl:

Keira is 17 months old and is developing quite the obsession with accessorizing

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poor Baby (my other baby)

Arwenn got into a scrap a few weeks ago. We never think much of it, because she fashions herself the "dog" police of our little complex. (seriously - she pounces on dogs. then lies in the middle of the road without regard for cars. she is an enigma).
but when we started finding spots of blood around the house, we investigated. and discovered a rather nasty gash on her tail. quite wide and thick. Off to the vets, where we introduced Arwenn to the wonders of the cone head. I don't think she was impressed with this new accessory:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Go Canucks Go!

Its that time of year again, Hockey Playoffs. After faltering in the 2nd round with Blackhawks, The 'Nucks pulled a great game yesterday and stayed in the series. We are now at 3-2, with 2 more must win games to come if we want to keep going.

Here is K providing her own moral support. I think it really helped. Who can deny that enthusiasm?

Keira is almost 17 months old and 2 of her favourite words are already "hockey" and "goal". I see smelly padding and lots of ice time in our future.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bath Time Fun

Just some bath time shots to share with you.

K loves bathtime, but has developed a hatred of water in her eyes, which makes washing her growing-at-the-speed-of-molasses hair somewhat difficult. But we manage. She loves pouring water from cup to cup, "washing" her knees, ears and toes herself with a washcloth and singing our 2 bath time songs - "Rubber Ducky" (from Sesame Street) and the animated "Rain is Falling Down (splash)". She particularly likes the splash part. She likes it so much she gave me a heart attack yesterday when I stepped into the next room to grab a shirt (I know. terrible idea). I heard a few HUMONGOUS thrashing splashes and hightailed it back into the room with my heart in my throat thinking she was drowning in the few inches of water I let her have.. Turns out she was simply standing and holding the edge of the tub to provide more traction to her legs which she was furiously splashing behind her. And grinning maniacally while doing so. Oy vey. I plan to park my butt on the rim and not move more than an inch from her ever again.

Keira is 16 months old and it will be a miracle if I live through the next month without a heart attack