Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meet Lulu

Lulu is pretty important in our house. Wherever K goes, she goes too. She came with her own stroller. The stroller has a canopy and basket. My husband talked the seller down to $5 I think for both of them. Best $5 we ever spent.
Her lovely green blue eyes:

Lulu rarely spends more then a few minutes in the stroller until K pulls her out to carry her. That's about how long K herself lasts in a stroller before demanding "down".

just a post dinner stroll - galoshes, pjs and a pram:

oh and the photo above won me a weekly photo challenge over at one of my favourite blogs, the Paper Mama
So I get to tell y'all that in fact, I am awesome :)


  1. LOL - these are great. You already know I love the last shot, but I love the story along with it. Congrats on winning.

  2. omgosh such precious pictures. you've got one cute little girl. :)