Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mother's Day Addendum: Cousin-Sisters

I can't get over watching my niece, S and K together. They are only a month apart, and if it were not for the space between our houses (nearly an hour drive) I would try to get them together on a daily basis. For days after spending time together, K wanders around forlornly, whispering "Fia?" "Fia?" and then demanding we bring her pictures up on the TV.
n Mother's Day, I got a ton of fun pictures of them together:

"Bye mom, we are going for a drive"

Snack time = fun group feeding

this set cracks me up. I suck at doing collages, so I will just post all 3 together here. I wish I could get them to line up left to right, but I iz not that smert.

the slide was a big hit too:

in unison, wherever they go:

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