Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monkey Man

If you consider yourself right of center, you may not appreciate this post. Feel free to close this now.

As a distraction from below, here is a toddler staring contest:
DH has a deck of playing cards that have GWB's face photoshopped onto various iconic (and primarily feminine) images. GWB as a 1950s pinup girl. GWB as a beach beauty. GWB as Mother Whistler. One of the jokers is GWB on the body of a cymbal playing monkey. K has glommed onto this card as her personal favourite. She insisted on carrying it in the car ride this morning. Every few minutes I would hear "mommy! monkey!" when I would look back she would be excitedly showing me the card.
Oh my dear, if only you knew how close to the truth you were :)

And as no post is complete with out a picture, here ya go:

Keira is 18 months 1 week old and is already mastering irony


  1. What a cute little girl. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is wonderful.