Thursday, June 10, 2010

Children's Festival Wrap up

More of my catching up from May. K, S, Grandma and I hit up the Vancouver International Children's Festival a few weekends ago. The Children's Festival has been running for a dog's age. I remember with anticipation going every year with my parents - the cotton candy, the face painting, seeing Raffi or Sharon, Louis & Bram live. It was the highlight of my year in my early days. So I was very excited to restart the tradition with my own little one.
As an adult, its a bit smaller then I remembered. But the price is still very decent - $10 for general admission and $16 for a presentation (which includes all day admission). Let me tell you, the toddler tent was well worth the price of admission. Basically it was the world's greatest playroom, with Melissa and Doug puzzles, a water table, dress-up centre, doll house, and an Ikea spread of tents, tunnels, blocks and trains. The girls loved it. It was a bit of a grey day, so we spent most of the time in the tent. Here are some of my favourite memories from the day. It was impossible to catch both girls in camera at the same time. They are still in a stage where they mostly play next to each other, not with each other.

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  1. So, you are in vancouver? As in 2 1/2 hours away from me!? Any recs? We are planning a visit this summer. I am SOO excited.

    Oh love the photos. The first one is trippy! I thought you photoshopped it at first, lol.