Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things the books (sort of) don't tell you part IV

So I know I have read that you need to be very diligent about cleaning baby's neck, since milk and drool can get stuck in there.
Regan and I thought we were being good about that, but it turns out we weren't being diligent enough. One day Regan started complaining Keira was smelling like (direct quote here) "Simon's rank nasty ass". (If any of you have met our cat Simon, you will understand. His rather large girth means he can't always clean his bum properly, and he has a tendency to leave trails)
Simon - all 20lbs of him

We give her a bath every night and I wipe her eyes and face with a cloth every morning, so we couldn't figure out what was going on. That night in her bath, I wrenched her neck to the side and discovered a store of soured milk stuck to her folds. She had developed 3 chins on me and I hadn't gone deep enough! We cleaned it off, but the damage had been done - a wet red rash had developed. So we asked our midwife what to do clear it up. She recommended cornstarch. And it cleared it up right away. Who needs the newest expensive baby beauty product from Europe when you can dip into the baking pantry?

Baby Observation Lightning Round

1. Did you have that doll as a baby where when you placed it on it's back the eyes closed, and when you sat it up, the eyes opened? Keira does this when I am rocking her to sleep. It's the cutest thing.

2. We have a potential nudist on our hands. Keira is happiest first thing in the morning when I am changing her from her jammies. I take off her jammies and her diaper and let her hang out on the changing pad for about 15 minutes or so; as long as she (and my energy) can handle it. She giggles and babbles and kicks her legs out like there is no tomorrow. Once it is warmer I think we will attempt tummy time naked.

3. It is most likely not intentional at this early age, but two days in a row now she has grabbed a toy and picked it up. The first time was one of the dangly's on her activity mat. She was flailing her arms around smiling at her reflection and her fingers grabbed onto the teething ring as they swung by. This morning I had her favourite pink pig rattler sitting next to her on the couch and when I looked over she had picked it up and was waving it around! I even have photographic evidence. We are clearly raising a genius.
Keira picking up her rattler

And as always, some new pictures of this week

Our favourite mom-sitter Miriam rocking Keira to sleep

Keira conked out on the beautiful activity mat given to her by uncle Neil and auntie Angele.
I can't get enough of her grumpy downward mouth!

Keira is 6 weeks old today.


  1. She's precious!
    Thanks for the tip. I know that ranky smell you speak of, from my nieces and nephews. :D