Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

Keira turned 1 month old yesterday. Its amazing how time flies! Already I am looking back and thinking, "was she ever really that small?"

The next few months are going to be very interesting. Already Keira is starting to make little cooing sounds. She is getting good at lifting her head while on our stomachs or shoulder, though she absolutely hates it whenever we try to put her on her tummy on the floor. We also think deliberate smiles might be starting. We got a few today that weren't followed by gas/burps.

My chunky monkey continues to grow. Yesterday at the midwives office they weighed her again and she now is closing in on 10lbs - 9lbs 10oz! She has gained 11oz in only 9 days.

I didn't get a really good "posed" birthday shot, but here is one to at least commemorate what she looked like at one month:
Keira - 1 month old

Sophia Lee makes her entrance:
In other very exciting news, my sister in law gave birth yesterday to my niece, Sophia Lee! So these first cousins are exactly one month apart! In the words of one of her friends, Monica was a "birth warrior" - her water broke on Saturday night, but contractions never really kicked in. She ended up giving birth via c-section finally on Wednesday. Almost 4 days of waiting and coping! It turns out the cord was wrapped around Sophia's neck. She is perfect and tiny (6lb 2oz), and Mom is doing great too. We are so proud of Chris and Moni, and so excited to welcome Sophia to the world.

We stopped in at the hospital today to congratulate the parents and meet our niece in person. At this time, the cousins were more interested in when their next feedings would be, but we know they will soon become best buds:
Keira and Sophia - January 15, 2008

Regan and Sophia - January 15, 2008

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