Thursday, January 15, 2009

PS to the PSA

as is the case in life, as soon as I wrote how well Keira responds to the exercise ball, we entered a week long struggle to get her to fall asleep before 4am. She turned her schedule around so she sleeps from about 4am - 4pm, only waking up for feedings mostly, to being awake or only sleeping if held between 4pm and 4am. Daddy's arms and back can only take so much. I am hoping we can transition her clock soon, but for now, she is still the boss!
Thanks to uncle marc and grandma bizzocchi for helping out with the late night sessions.

So in a PS, sometimes she doesn't respond to it - if she doesn't want to fall asleep, it doesn't help. It will stop her crying, but you can't put her down.
As well, do really be careful not to bounce on it too long - Regan threw his back out spending too much time on it, and I feel the strain after about 5 minutes. So we intersperse ball bouncing with walking and rocking.

Some people asked what exercises I used the ball for in the 3rd trimester. I didn't have a specific exercise regime. Mostly I bounced up and down, followed by some hip rolls back and forth, and then did either figure 8s with my hips, or rolled in circles. It felt really good on my lower back and stomach. I did this for at least 20 minutes a night for the last 3 or so weeks.
Once you get to labouring, it can relieve alot of back pressure, like so:

This is one link I found with suggested positions during labour:

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