Friday, January 16, 2009

Things the books don't tell you part III

The Incredible Healing Power of Breastmilk

So the baby bean has goopy eye - you know that white crusty stuff in newborns eyes when they cry? Usually caused by a clogged tear duct. We asked our midwife what we should do to clear it up. I had read you needed to massage the duct, but wasn't sure how to go about that without stabbing the poor thing in the eye.
Her response? "oh, after she feeds, squeeze a few drops of breastmilk into her eye. that should do it".
This is after she informed me the best way to keep nipples healthy and free from infection/tears was to rub breastmilk on them after a feeding, instead of any commercial product.

Breastmilk is the new Windex, clearly.

Keira is 4weeks, 5 days old


  1. That's pure awesomeness. Somehow, I knew your midwife was going to say that!

  2. LOL. I learn something new everyday.

  3. Did you mean that baby bean has a clogged 'tear' duct. No doubt you were thinking of the cure (milk) when you wrote this.

  4. hehe oops! thanks for the catch.