Friday, May 21, 2010

A bunny in the park

This one is pink and squeals like a pig when she is delighted.
K had a massive fear of hats for a long time. Case in point: this is when I tried to put a birthday hat on her:

But she seems to have embraced it and now runs straight to the laundry room yelling "hat? hat? hat?". Won't stop until we either put her sunhat on, or one her dad's ball caps.

And then she fished these bunny ears out of her play box and insisted on wearing it to the park. Clearly, in a few years time we will be the family walking around Walmart in a tutu, princess hat and rainboots.

And this one makes my heart go thump. She is growing up to be such a Daddy's girl:

Keira is 17 months old and is developing quite the obsession with accessorizing

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  1. These crack me up! She is rockin' those bunny ears!