Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bath Time Fun

Just some bath time shots to share with you.

K loves bathtime, but has developed a hatred of water in her eyes, which makes washing her growing-at-the-speed-of-molasses hair somewhat difficult. But we manage. She loves pouring water from cup to cup, "washing" her knees, ears and toes herself with a washcloth and singing our 2 bath time songs - "Rubber Ducky" (from Sesame Street) and the animated "Rain is Falling Down (splash)". She particularly likes the splash part. She likes it so much she gave me a heart attack yesterday when I stepped into the next room to grab a shirt (I know. terrible idea). I heard a few HUMONGOUS thrashing splashes and hightailed it back into the room with my heart in my throat thinking she was drowning in the few inches of water I let her have.. Turns out she was simply standing and holding the edge of the tub to provide more traction to her legs which she was furiously splashing behind her. And grinning maniacally while doing so. Oy vey. I plan to park my butt on the rim and not move more than an inch from her ever again.

Keira is 16 months old and it will be a miracle if I live through the next month without a heart attack

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