Friday, May 8, 2009

Sleep Strike

I believe K is instituting a sleep strike in retaliation of some sort of as yet unknown grievous act performed by her father or I.

The last 3 nights she has been up, on average, every 2 hours. Sometimes its several times an hour, occasionally we get a break for 3+. She doesn't open her eyes, just moans and cries and won't stop until one of us holds her. She doesn't have a wet diaper, isn't hungry, nor any broken limbs. She isn't even showing signs of teething. So I have settled on a sleep strike.

The lack of vocal coherency makes it difficult to negotiate the terms of surrender and the return of 2 - 5+ hour sleep stretches per night. We are attempting talks through grunts, hand gestures and a primordial laugh/shriek that I am pretty sure can cut glass at its highest frequency. Management is thinking perhaps the lack of fair wages (ie an allowance) may be the issue. The union has been reminded that since the workforce has yet to control their limbs, they cannot perform the necessary duties that would result in said wages (doing dishes, taking out the trash, fixing daddy a drink). The union has also been reminded to review the rather large benefits package on the table (free room; all you can eat milk bar open 24 hours; unlimited access to jolly jumper and raspberry kisses from management) and reconsider a truce.

Fingers crossed for us union votes in favour one night very soon.

Keira is 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days


  1. lol You crack me up.
    I hope that the strike ends soon. :)

  2. oh no!!! Good luck negotiating the terms of surrender and putting and end to the strike.

  3. Good luck! Tyler did this about three weeks ago. Never opened his eyes but cried and moaned every hour or two. It lasted about two weeks and then just suddenly stopped. Lord only knows what the heck goes on in their minds.