Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On the Grid

There is no chance of us living "off the grid" now - Keira has been issued pretty much every ID imaginable. We finally have her health card, SIN, birth certificate, extended health coverage and passport! Here is her stash:

And just in the nick of time - we made her first cross border trip this past weekend.

Blaine, WA "truck" crossing

We joined Uncle Brennan and Auntie Shani at their friends' beachfront house in Washington. It was a lovely 24ish hours away from home and K did so good - she fell asleep with minimal fuss on both car rides. Tutu Connie and Papa Don were happy to hold the baby and give us a bit of a bouncing break; Papa Don showed off his amazing baby whisperer skills, getting her to calm down just by rubbing her back. Even Regan and I can't boast that.
Just one pic to share for now - Brennan had his very cool Nikon, so I am hoping he got some nicer pics of K to share with us soon.

Keira sleeping as we crossed the border

Keira is 2 months, 3 weeks old

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