Sunday, December 7, 2008

what's the stupidest thing a pregnant girl could do?

at 39 weeks pg?

I apparently set out to demonstrate this with Darwinian flair when I fell down the stairs at our townhouse at exactly 39 weeks pregnant. Granted, it was only the last 3 stairs, and granted, I did fall on my back. But c'mon, who does that? Regan is now very concerned this child will have my (and my mother's) sense of gravity :).

Luckily all appeared fine with baby - she was moving pretty immediately, and at my checkup 2 days later she was in pretty much the same position (a little higher) and her heartbeat was normal.
However, i managed to twist my foot and aggravate my pelvic bone, which has bothered me on and off throughout the pregnancy. Regan put me on forced bed rest for most of that week. Which was fine by me - I could barely walk to the bathroom without assistance the first few days!

I have been seeing a chiropractor a few days a week to make sure I didn't misalign anything that could affect the natural labour I want, and it has been very helpful. 2 weeks later and my foot, neck and back feel great, and my pelvis only seems to flare when I sit at a computer chair too long.

So my advice for the day (besides don't fall down stairs at 39weeks pregnant) is visit a chiropractor or massage therapist who specializes in prenatal techniques throughout your pregnancy - it feels wonderful and really helps to reconnect the mind/body and soul!

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  1. I fell in the snow when Jason was about 8 months in the womb. I think I instinctly fell in a way that would hurt me (on my butt!). So I think Jason was okay, but I was a bit sore. (Before I was pregnant, I probably would have tried to land differently).
    I hope you feel better now!