Monday, December 22, 2008

things the books don't tell you, part 1

so everyone knows about the little fountains boys can make of diaper changing time. How come no one tells you girls can do this too? As soon as that diaper comes off, she springs into action. For such a little thing, she has some force behind her!

The trifecta poops are really entertaining too. For some reason, she tends to poop in threes. But only after you have changed the diaper, put on the onesie, put on the sleeper, and swaddled her. Rinse, repeat. As my friend Jaime noted, its like watching your child literally pee and poop their college education away in diapers.

Keira is 8 days old

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  1. Janine,
    Love the posts, keep them coming when you can!!! I giggled at the pee and poop post: I always marveled at how something so tiny could make such a very big mess!!! Thinking of you and Regan, and would love to come by when we get the green light!