Sunday, December 7, 2008

are you a betting person?

then place your bets to the right!

I am now exactly 41weeks pregnant, or 7 days past my due date. Now, less then 5% of women actually deliver on their due date, and the majority of first time babies do go over. As I am under the care of a midwife, I am under no obligation to induce, if I don't want to, barring any medical complications or the results of stress tests on the baby. If she is happy and still thriving in there, she can just keep on cooking.

So I ask you, when do you think she will arrive by? Let me know by taking the poll on the right.


  1. Nice revamp of the blog!!!
    (Have you heard of the triple-inducer: sex, spice and long walks?) She is so comfy in there: how is Mom doing? Thinking of you, and will call you soon.

  2. Suzie was born exactly two weeks past her due date! And during that time the weather changed from mild to hot! And more than one stranger asked when I was going to deliver that baby!