Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Playing Catch Up Part One: Christmas Photo Shoot

In early December I decided I wanted to try and get some photos of Miss K to put on a Christmas card. I used our alpaca wool carpet as a backdrop, draped over my coffee table. This won't work again as she is now too tall and her head peeks over the edge. I need to breakdown and invest in some nice sheets that are easy to iron...
She was not super into it, but I managed to get a few good shots I think:

And a some I took outside with a different ball (which quickly broke on the concrete)

I really need to work on my editing. In the first group see how the whites are all over the place? I am not smart enough yet to figure out how to balance them all to the same level. I have to work on each photo individually for now. But I think I captured some fun moments. I also like how the 2nd group outside she looks like such a big little girl. This is right after she really mastered walking. She no longer needed to hold my hand to walk across the concrete.
here she is flying away from me:

And here is the final product I ordered, through one of Vistaprint's many freebie deals (50 postcards, free)

(The middle photo of all of us is courtesy of the ever talented Kyla Hemmelgarn Photography)

And because I love it and it was from the same day, sharing a secret with Grandma:

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