Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hey (momma), How you doin'?

This is seriously what I felt like on Wednesday.

I had my last mother goose class this week before returning to work. ::sniff sniff::. Keira has befriended a 14 m.o girl in that class, Rachel. They are like twins - adorable, blond, blue eyes, into EVERYTHING, vocal and don't sleep! At the last class all they wanted to do was hug and kiss each other. Pretty freakin' awesome.
I think her mom is pretty cool too. We chat a lot and seem into the same kind of things. She's down to earth, not done up, a daycare teacher. Through the entire class I could feel my hands get clammy, my neck sweating a little bit and my heart thumping. I knew I had to make the first move before class was over or K would lose her BFF (not counting Brika of course!). And I couldn't dissapoint those big baby blues looking up at me.
So, summoning my best inner Joey, I took the plunge and nervously offered her my email and phone number. I felt my breath stop as I awaited her reply. It was affirmative. Phew! I don't know how guys do this all the time.

So my first new mommy date is in my near future. What in the heck will I wear? What will we talk about? Do I hug her at the end or just offer a handshake?
And here I thought getting married freed me of the dating scene. Silly me.

Keira is 11 months, 1 week and 1 day old


  1. Lol, good job! I've got to take the plunge and set up play dates with AJ's 2 best friends from school - it's his last week at Bright Horizons! At least I have email addresses. Is it weird that one is the dad though??

    Anyway, hope going back to work isn't too bad. It was hard, but I remember another new mom telling me not to feel guilty and to actually enjoy the break, and so I try to think of that!

  2. What is "inner Joey" a reference to? Don't worry, as the kids get older, they take care of all the introductions and date making.