Friday, October 16, 2009

10 months old!

where in the heck does the time go?
Baby bean is already 10 months old, and I can feel the seconds ticking down on my mat leave :(

K can now:
take a few wobbly steps between mommy and daddy
says hi (actually its more like he-ey), Sis (whats this), and Ka/Sa (cat/simon), plus sometimes momma and dadda.
waves, gives high fives, claps
started dancing by bopping up and down in place and shaking her head back and forth.

She is currently cutting her 5th and 6th teeth.
I did an estimated weigh in yesterday and she came in around 19 1/2 lbs and just shy of 30 in. long.

Our neighbours just had a baby girl and I said to them I can't remember K ever being that small, not moving, not babbling constantly, not lighting up every day with her awe and wonderment.

here is her 10 month shot. Let's call it her "whazzup" pose, shall we?

Keira is 10 months and 2 days old

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