Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This is a fairly common thing in the blogosphere every Tuesday. Since I have been devoid of regular updates, I thought this would be a great way to get out some of the recent adorable things K has been up to.

{one} K loves her time-out chair. She will purposefully throw food from the table, then look at me hopefully and say "time-out?". I think this defeats the purpose, but I want to remain consistent (throwing food = time out) so into the timeout chair she goes, happily. ::head desk::

{two} K's bedtime minions are growing. She doesn't have a single lovey, but currently in her bed are 1) a small cat, 2) a small bear, 3) a small bunny, 4) Lulu (her dolly), 5) not one, but two pillows (one for each side of the crib), 6) her blanket and 7) Snowy, a very soft white dog that is the same size as she is. God help me if she asks if the kitchen sink can come in with her next time

{three} She can now ride easily on our shoulders, which makes walks much easier. She is almost, but not quite, ready for piggybacks. She kept dropping her hands from my neck, but loved the concept of it

{four} if I am sitting on the couch, she will scootch behind me, put her arms around my neck and go "I love u momma". ::swoon::

{five} is very possessive if other babies - or dogs - try to sit in my lap. She will immediately jump up from what she is doing and try to get in too.

{six} I have trained her in the morning, so instead of asking to watch cartoons, she will come downstairs and go "watch email?" Our TV is also our computer monitor, and whenever she would ask for Elmo, I would say
"mommy just needs to check her email first" and she would happily play for 10 minutes while I did just that. Now she ASKS for it. Awesome!

{seven} she is starting to show signs of empathy, which I really like. She will cry in compassion if her cousin or best buds are hurt and crying. She loves to give kisses and hugs if someone hurts themselves.

{eight} if she really likes what is eating or drinking, she will smack her lips and say emphatically "delicious!"

{nine} she can climb the rope/wood ladder thingy on the playground all by herself. I am constantly amazed at how much she is growing physically and what she can take on.

{ten} she can sit on the big girl swing and hold on, though the concept of leg pumping to get air alludes her.

So there you have it, a bit of a glimpse into the world of K. And because I can never post without em, some recent pictures:
having a particularly good hair day. I have discovered the beauty of the comb (not brush!) + water combo in the morning. Also, this is her "watching Elmo with incredible intent" stare.

water play with Grandma.

moving so fast now she moved out of my focus point :)
I also love her jaunty stance in this one

loving the slide again

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