Saturday, April 3, 2010

Momma's Little Helper

Keira's recent forays into mimicing include not only questionable prompts from her daddy (douchebag!) but also a desire to do exactly what I am doing. Sometimes this manifests in wanting to eat what is on my plate, even though her plate holds the same goodies. Or she wants to "help" me vacuum or sweep (which usually involves sitting in the pile of dust, or shoving the dust across the floor with the broom handle).

But one area which has worked out for everyone involved is feeding the cats. She will bound into the living room and excitedly exclaim "KITTY?!?" This means she feels it is time to feed them. She will fetch their bowls and bring them to the ktichen, watch while we dole out each scoop, then carefully, like she is transporting extremely precious cargo,  carry each bowl back to its feeding place. Its adorable, and really, after 16 months, its about time she started contributing around here :)

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  1. already taking responsibility! very impressive!