Monday, March 29, 2010

Inner Ramblings of a Toddler

I am taking this moment to forward you all to a great blog you most likely already know about. But if you don't, you should.
One of this week's entries over at BabyRabies literally had me rolling on the ground laughing this weekend. My husband thought I was nuts as I was still clutching the laptop when doing so :)
She wrote a post this week documenting what she could only imagine were the inner thoughts of her nearly 2 year old as the day went by. I could not have said it better myself:
Toddler Mood Swings by BabyRabies

And as a Keira related update to last week's post, I hit my limit again with parenting her to sleep since her teeth had broken through and she shook this cold (finally! a month later). She was sliding back to a point where she got upset if we tried to leave the room, would try to climb out of the crib if I came in to sit next to her (meaning only Regan could go in to check her and was sleeping on the floor many nights in a row), and refused to go back to sleep after about 5am. So I went back and did my sleep training checks, only going in every 10 minutes to pat her back and whisper "sssh sshh sleepy sleepy" (our inane, yet remarkable "sleep" phrase). The first time we did this it took her an hour to fall asleep. the next time, it only took 1 check. And pretty clear since then.  2 out of the last 3 mornings she has slept in until 7am! Praise be to baby jesus. Once again she is happier, easier to handle and goes to bed with very little fussing. We can hear her waking up 2-4x per night still, but now instead of screaming murder until we come in, she cries out for maybe 30 seconds, then fusses for a little while before falling back asleep. We are all happier and better rested.

I know I am overdue for some real updates and fun pictures. I have been having some uploading issues so I can't share any new photos with you. Suffice to say she is doing many adorable things lately, including taking over cat feeding duties, expanding her counting vocabulary, and working on her own version of the alphabet. Plus she likes to "drop it while its hot" to many a rap singer. Though a good ol' country square dance is also not outside of her expertise. Life is exhausting and grand all at the same time.

Keira is 15 months old

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  1. Can't wait to see you and your family again - this weekend hopefully. Love, Mom