Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I want my sleepy baby back

schedule last night:

730pm - fussy - down for last nap; skipped bedtime routine
8pm - woke up for final feeding - snacked until 9:20pm; moved to crib asleep
woke herself up crying in apparent pain 3x between 9 and midnight
tried to go to bed ourselves at 11:30pm
midnight - fed to sleep, fell asleep at 12:30am
4am - woke up and gurgled to herself. seemed quite content, so sent mental vibes to fall asleep on her own across the hallway. that would be a big fat "no mommy".
5am - gave in and brought her to bed for a feeding to try and get her to sleep
530am - finished feeding but not asleep
6am - finally bounced back to sleep
730am - cats start meowing for food. sprayed them into submission. baby stirs at noise
8am - starts making wake up noises
8:45am - wake up noises turn into hunger wail. get up for the day.

So my guess is she slept for a total of a about 8, maybe 9 hours in there. We managed maybe 4. This is the on heels of 3 nights of blissful straight 10 hour stretches from 10pm - 8am. Normally she will sleep 10-12 hours at night in 2 stretches. And Regan has a midterm today.

Apparently K has decided to greet 4 months old with the so called "4 month wakeful". Awesome.
Will post 4 month old shots later today if the zombie formerly known as Janine ever wakes up.

Keira is 4 months old.


  1. Ouch.
    Sending sympathy waves over to you!!!

  2. Wow. I hope things change soon. ::vibes for more sleep::

  3. Janine, that sounds almost exactly like my night last night. I think Tyler is teething. His 4-month wakeful period only lasted a week. Sending good vibes that Keira's is short as well.

  4. It doesn't take much to upset Aidan's sleeping habits -- teething, illness, growth spurt. After Aidan's last growth spurt it took us weeks just to get him back to 9pm-5am (before the spurt it was 9pm-7am). Now he's up at 5am like clockwork and wanting to play by 6a. It's no solace when he crashes for a nap at 8am!