Saturday, February 14, 2009

2 months today!

Time flies when you are sleep deprived!
Keira turned 2 months old today. She is growing fast! We decided to have a little photo shoot to commemorate the occasion.
Now, most parents opt for a doll or a teddy bear to use as a "growth meter" - something visual to show how the baby grows. But not us; we opted to use Simon:
A little yin-yang action

Full Stretch! Simon - 7; Keira 2 months

I also broke down and did the "sign". If I remember, I will bust this out every month and just change the numbers/dates. There were times she didn't like being propped up like a doll. shocking! So which one should be the "official" one?

mummy i am sooo not ready for my closeup!

Thank goodness she lay me down. Hopefully that crick gets out of my neck.

If I smile for you can I get some boob?

Additional cheers to Jaime, whose actual birthday is today, and Sophia who turned one month today!


  1. AWWW! Thanks Keira - nice craft work. I'll have Uncle Paul keep his eye on you!

  2. omg I just love that pic of Keira & Simon! :)